-Erin Smith

The Fashionistas: Featuring Nicky Hilton (by Erin Smith)Last night I had the pleasure of attending the book signing and Q&A for Nicky Hilton, put on by Dallas’ very own Fashionistas. Find out more about her book “365 Style” and style advice given by her, on my blog http://thelifeandtimesoferinsmith.blogspot.com/ :)
The Runaway (by Erin Smith)It’s okay to wear white after Labor Day on http://thelifeandtimesoferinsmith.blogspot.com/. Go see for yourself. :)
Bring It Back (by Erin Smith)This simple Saturday look can be found on my blog http://thelifeandtimesoferinsmith.blogspot.com/ :)
Love In The Afternoon (by Erin Smith)Back to my blogging ways featuring one of the first tops I made, vintage Escada heels, and leather gloves with a brief history of why they are important. I petition that we bring them back as a staple to women’s fashion. Check out my blog at http://thelifeandtimesoferinsmith.blogspot.com/ :)
Nothing But A Dress (by Erin Smith)I’ve had way too much fun shooting in vintage dresses lately. Especially recreating some photos of my biggest inspiration, Marilyn Monroe. Check out my blog to see my own take on her look, plus Marilyn’s originals at http://thelifeandtimesoferinsmith.blogspot.com/ :)
That’s A Wrap! (by Erin Smith)Showing off my love for Diane von Furstenberg with her classic wrap dress.
“Confidence. If you have it, you can make anything look good.” ~Diane von Furstenberg

Details on the look at http://thelifeandtimesoferinsmith.blogspot.com/ :)
Embellished In Coral (by Erin Smith)This gorgeous embellished dress from Quiz Clothing fit perfectly for another 20’s inspired post. You can find it at this link: http://www.quizclothing.co.uk/clothes/00100002841.html

Details for the rest of the look can be found on my blog at http://thelifeandtimesoferinsmith.blogspot.com/
"I like large parties. They’re so intimate." (by Erin Smith)Check out my Gatsby inspired look on my blog at http://thelifeandtimesoferinsmith.blogspot.com/
Somewhere In Time (by Erin Smith)New post on my blog at http://thelifeandtimesoferinsmith.blogspot.com/ :)
Orange Is The New Black (by Erin Smith)This one of a kind vintage dress is from the one and only Dolly Python, one of the best antique stores I have ever been to. Check out their website http://dollypythonvintage.com/ and like them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dolly-Python/42629630395?sk=wall.

My blog post featuring this dress is now up at http://thelifeandtimesoferinsmith.blogspot.com/ :)
Scarlett Starlet (by Erin Smith)I entered this look in a Teen Vogue blogger contest so details to come soon regarding that. 

Check out my blog post on http://thelifeandtimesoferinsmith.blogspot.com/. :)
Spectrum (by Erin Smith)This awesome hologram clutch is from Little By Little at: http://lblboutique.com/collections/bags/products/hologram-silver-clutch and the mint heels are from Pin-up Darling at: http://www.pinupdarling.com/shes-got-it-pumps-in-mint/

Check out my blog at http://thelifeandtimesoferinsmith.blogspot.com/ :)
50’s Baby Doll Dress For My “I Do” (by Erin Smith)Details in my blog about my look featuring this versitale lace mini dress from Little By Little, which can be found at http://lblboutique.com/collections/dresses/products/lace-mini-smock-dress.

Check it out on my blog at http://thelifeandtimesoferinsmith.blogspot.com/ :)
Versace, Versace (by Erin Smith)Happy Summer everybody! Check out my latest post on http://thelifeandtimesoferinsmith.blogspot.com/ :)
Oh Say Can You See (by Erin Smith)Happy Memorial Day to everyone! Especially to those who have fought for our country and families of them. 

Outfit details at http://thelifeandtimesoferinsmith.blogspot.com/. :)